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With lawyers at national and boutique firms, Brief It helps you find the right lawyer to take care of your legal issue at a price you can afford.  

"Rock solid legal advice below budget. Brilliant for finding out your legal rights."

Anna Howard 


"I highly recommend Brief It as a cost-effective way of getting quality legal work done."

Travis Marshall - SkillShire

"An effortless resource for startups to find the right lawyer, at a fraction of the cost."

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Put your legal brief to our community of lawyers for free. Describe your legal issue in a few paragraphs and tell lawyers what you're looking for. 

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The idea is to receive a handful of high quality proposals. Proposals include fee details, scope of services, relevant experience, client feedback and more. 

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3. Choose your lawyer

Compare proposals, ask questions and choose in no time. From there, your lawyer will arrange for you to enter into their terms of engagement and perform your brief. 

See what some of our customers and the media have to say:

"When it came to establishing a legal grounding for my web business, I used typical web search methods but with no success. Brief It solved my problem by having the right lawyers come to me with their proposals."  

Travis Marshall

"Brief It quickly and efficiently found me a lawyer specialising in the area I needed help with. I was extremely happy with the legal advice I was given in what was a tricky point of law. My legal fees also came in within the fixed fee proposal." 

Anna Howard

"Starting a web app business comes with a range of legal matters that need addressing. Brief It gives us the tools to find a lawyer suited to our needs."

Chris D'Aloisio, CEO of (music training app)

"New procurement tool for startups to find affordable legal advice." Read article.

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"Platform to pair problems to lawyers for quick solutions launches." Read article.


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A powerful tool to help you find the lawyer you’re looking for.

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Harness Brief It’s proposal tool to compare fee proposals and find legal advice you can afford. Take it a step further and compare proposals to see what you actually get for your fees.

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You get access to client generated feedback and ratings on quality of service and other KPIs. Which means you have the information at hand to find a high performing lawyer.

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We've made it easier to find a lawyer. Now you can skip the leg work and get down to the facts that matter most: approach to task, cost, expertise, client feedback and more. You'll have everything you need to choose with confidence. 

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Brief It is pioneering a new way for small businesses and individuals to find a lawyer. It’s straight out of the corporate playbook, proven in the real world to lift legal results and deliver value for money. The very things you need from your lawyer.

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